Popped Sorghum
it's the little things

It's incredible how the lil' things add up

Take lil'POP. Our tiny pops of crunchy deliciousness are made from a super ancient grain.

Our great grain, sorghum, is a drought-resilient crop, so it can grow where other grains can't—needing only sunshine and nature's own sprinkler system, rainwater. No irrigation!

Good for saving precious water resources—and spectacularly good for your taste buds!

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Sorghum is a super ancient whole grain - 8,000 years old!

Known as ‘the camel of crops’ for being water efficient!

Packed full of micronutrient goodness.
about me

A love for snacking is totally an understatement!

Meet our founder, Sydney. You can find her crunching on something at all times—we've learned to tune it out!

Now Sydney grew up in a lil' USA town—150 people to be precise—where water resources were often scarce. Consuming water wisely was at the top of the priority list!

After graduating with a BA (hons) degree in Financial Services, our Syd had her heart set on the big corporate world. A place, we can all agree, can be easy to be made to feel small.

Determined to show that the lil' things/people/actions make a massive impact, Sydney put the corporate world behind her and lil'POP began!

With a combined love for snacking and a mission to conserve water, here we present to you, lil'POP (and lots of love!) xx

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