Introducing ancient goodness, reimagined. 😍



Oh heyyyy, we’re The Lil’ Pops! 👋
We’re all about embracing the power of simplicity by reimagining classic, whole ingredients. Here’s our promise—no GMOs, no funky corn additives, no compromise on spectacular taste. And here to deliver our promise? Our very favorite whole grain, sorghum!
A drought resilient crop, sorghum plays a starring role in regenerative agriculture. It’s a remarkable grain for the future of food! Plus, its possibilities are endless—flours, flakes, syrups, and more. We choose to pop it!  
 Our pops are ¼ inch across and cute as can be, with an uber-satisfying crunch and a perfect balance of sweet n’ salty deliciousness. We believe in celebrating all this lil’ grain can do for the plant and your taste buds.


Stay tuned for lil’ updates, exciting recipes, super fun facts, and lots more! 🤓
Try us here or on Amazon & visit us at Expo West, Booth 8502.
See you soon! 😍

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